Mike Brace

Mike is our Senior Physiotherapy Practice Manager. His vast array of Clinical skills, teaching skills and depth of knowledge are why he heads up the team and maintains the high standards of treatment and care offered by the Physiotherapists at North Curl Curl Physio.

Mike’s Qualifications

NCCP Physiotherapy Practice Manager

Functional Sporting Assessments

Years of International Sporting Experience

Since arriving in Australia in 2014, Mike has quickly established himself on the Northern Beaches becoming the Principal Physiotherapist at North Curl Curl Physio in 2015. Previously working in the UK and New Zealand in both private and public settings, he brings a wide variety of clinical skills that allow him to treat complex conditions safely and effectively. Throughout his career he has always been involved in sports physio (mostly with rugby union) having had successful seasons with Cheshire County (Twickenham Plate winners 2006/08), Hawkes Bay Rugby (Championship Winners 2011) and Randwick Rugby (Colts Premiership 2014). He has also worked with England Paralympic football teams, elite powerlifting and most recently experienced Australian sport with season with Manly-Warringah AFL team.

Mike has a variety of post graduate training including certification in spinal manual therapy and manipulation, myofascial release, acupuncture and dry needling.
He also has training to treat vestibular (balance) and temporomandibular (jaw) problems plus a extensive experience in neurological physiotherapy. With the latest manual therapy skills he appropriately uses spinal and peripheral techniques, often combined with needling, to get patients back to their best quickly and safely.

Since arriving at NCCP, Mike has taken a further interest in gait and running analysis using the Zebris treadmill. With advanced training through the Biomechanix lab (at the Sydney Academy of Sport) he implements programmes for injury prevention and improving efficiency in runners of all levels.

Mike has qualified as a Level 1 Australian Strength and Conditioning Coach with skills in end stage rehabilitation, implementing new services in orthopaedic rehabilitation and gait analysis at NCCP working closely with exercise physiologists and S&C coaches. This to ensure athletes are not only recovering from their injuries, but aiming making them stronger than have been before!

Having retired from playing rugby, Mike now trains regularly at Falsegrip GST (a local gymnastic strength training gym) and started to row surf boats with Freshwater SLC