Check your technique with force plate and video analysis...

We are excited to offer to our clients access to the ZEBRIS Force Distribution Treadmill (FDT) technology for advanced running and gait analysis.

At NCCP we have been using this technology for many years with a unique approach. Integrating this advanced technology into our day to day practice helps to identify the cause of a running or walking injury for injury prevention strategies to stop an injury before it happens. Teaming this state-of-the-art technology with skilled practitioner analysis, you will identify opportunities to improve your walking and running style, pace, technique and overall performance from the first consultation.

The force plate can also be used in isolation as part of your regular treatment sessions to provide specific data to ensure your rehabilitation is of the highest standards...similar to the treatment elite athletes receive! 


If you are interested in having an assessment using the ZEBRIS FDT system please contact us at the clinic on (02) 9905 3500 or click below under "Sports Performance and Injury Prevention" booking


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