Vi-Move Movement Screening Tool

Whether you are an elite athlete, workaholic or weekend warrior assessing your movement and improving your range of motion can be made easier. Including:

  • Lower back screening, rehabilitation (using biodfeedback) and all day assessment
  • Functional Movement Analysis screening
  • Neck assessments
  • Running analysis (wearable technology for your road or trail run)
  • Rowing analysis 
  • Knee stability assessments
What distinguishes ViMove from normal clinical assessment is the ability to measure a patient's spine, knee position or running technique in the "normal environment" ie throughout your normal day, be that at home, at work or out and about. The wireless and portable nature of the technology allows the physiotherapist to attached the movement / EMG sensors and then the patient can head off to work, exercise or a mix of any land based activity, while all measurements are being recorded. 

ViMove is an excellent assessment option for:

  • Elite and developing athletes
  • Musculo-skeletal workplace injuries
  • Workplace safety and positioning assessments for your employees
  • Acute or chronic pain assessment
Please call (02) 9905 3500 to book a ViMove session as our physiotherapists will need to assess the most appropriate test for you before getting under way.


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