We are what we repeatedly do…

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”  Aristotle

Recently in clinic I was talking to a patient about how he may have developed a right sided, low back stiffness whilst he was training for a half ironman triathlon. As physios, we often want to know not only what the diagnosis is, causing a patient’s pain, but also (and possibly more importantly) the reason why the problem started in the first place.Read More

Going Upside Down!

written by Mike Brace

Over the last few years if you are a Yogi, CrossFitter or budding Gymnast, you’ve probably spent a greater time than the average person with your legs above your head!

Although a lot of fun, and a great challenge for strength and stability, this position isn’t quite what our anatomy was designed to do. At North Curl Curl Physio we have noticed an increasing number of neck and shoulder problems associated with training for that perfect handstand.Read More

Re-defining the Warm-up

Warming up prior to exercising or playing sport is commonly performed yet often poorly executed.

Why do we warm up before physical activity? Without needing to delve into the specific physical changes that take place during a warm up, simply we perform a warm up for 2 reasons.

Read More